Modular Systems

The use of modular and other lightweight forms of building construction is increasing. The benefits of off-site prefabrication and improved quality in manufacture are being realised for an array of buildings and projects.

Our lightweight steel modular units can be constructed for other main sectors of application like private and social housing, apartments and mixed use buildings, education sector and student residences, key worker accommodation and sheltered housing, and as public and health sector buildings (Ablutions etc.).

The benefits of modular construction speaks for itself:
  • Economy of scale by manufacture of multiple similar modular units.
  • Speed of construction, which is up to 50% faster than conventional methods.
  • High level of quality control though off-site manufacture.
  • Minimum disturbance to the locality during construction.
  • Detailed design work is carried out by the modular supplier.
  • Suitable where site constraints may.

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Ablution Modular System

UnitThe structures are engineered to be strong and hard wearing for where they are situated. The units both inside ...

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