Habito Drywall

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The HABITO Drywall is the latest addition to the Global Specialised Systems performance Gypsum board range. Designed for use in the commercial and residential sector, HABITO provides enhanced impact resistance and for the first time, fixing capability. Suitable for direct decoration or a plaster finish.


Habit Gypsum walls have the strength of brick and the benefits of drywall. It is tougher and stronger than standard Gypsum plasterboards with its six core strength. It has superior load bearing that allows to hang anything up to a safe working load of 15kg per fixing. The board absorbs knocks and bumps, minimising wear and tear.

Whether hanging a TV, setting up a complex shelving system or designing a wallscape in a bespoke coffee shop, HABITO Gypsum Drywall is flexible and durable enough to accommodate high impact environments.

Ease of use

Requires simple score and snap method for attachments. No drill or specialist fittings needed for fixing anything to the HABITO Gypsum Drywall. Simply screw directly into the Gypsum board or wall surface. Re-use holes with the load strength unaffected. No battens, noggins, no broken walls. Change fixtures without damaging the Gypsum board or wall.


The Gypsum Drywall can be moved with less disruption giving you the freedom to change and customise any environment.

Peace and quiet

HABITO Gypsum Drywall creates a buffer against effective noise. Enhanced acoustic and thermal properties create comfortable and quiet environment.

Thermal Comfort

It acts as an insulator against temperature. Use HABITO Gypsum drywall together with insulate and regulate the temperature of the interior. Rooms are warmer when it is cold outside and cooler when its hot outside.


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