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Walls & Partitioning

Global Specialised Systems provide insulation products that reduce sound transmission to and from a room or building. A dry wall system correctly designed and insulated will offer the same or better thermal & acoustical properties than a conventional brick & mortar construction. Features includes exceptional acoustic properties, lightweight & easy to handle, self supporting and it will not sag, compression packed to reduce volume & optimize transport & storage and has a high tear strength yet readily cut with a sharp blade.


Non-combustible resin-bonded Glasswool insulation batts manufactured in different densities to suit various applications. Application ...

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Energylite is manufactured from non-combustible Glasswool bonded with an inert thermosetting resin to form a strong resilient product. Available in batt...

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Factoryboard is a rigid board manufactured from non-combustible Glasswool insulation. Available in 25,40 or 50mm thick. It can be supplied with an ASTM ...

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